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Java. Азы JPA @OneToOne, @OneToMany

Азы JPA - аннотации @OneToOne, @OneToMany (uni-directional)

Предыдущее видео по азам Spring Data JDBC, JPA:

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13 Hibernate OneToOne

Изучайте Java в моем новом курсе: "Основы Java войтивайти" по указанной ссылке
В этом видео мы разберем @OneToOne Hibernate Association на примере связи карточки и изображения.

Java Spring Boot - JPA - Hibernate - H2 - One To One Unidirectional Relationship - @OneToOne

In this video we will implement one to one unidirectional relationship using Java, Spring Boot, JPA, Hibernate and H2 in memory database. We will start with generating project and adding all of the necessary dependencies. Later on we will create entities and then we will create a one to one relationship between them. We will persist example data in database using CRUD repositories to test out if our mapping works correctly. We will track everything using H2 console. Everything with in-depth explanation! Keep playing with code!

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